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A Parenting Community for the members of Mil_Wives!

Welcome to mw_moms!

While the community is titled "Mil_Wives Moms", we also welcome dads, grandparents,
future parents, and anyone else who loves kids! If parenting or parenting related
subjects interest you, come on in! You must be a member of mil_wives to join.

We want to make this the best community it can be so here are our rules:

• OPSEC- This is still a military community and OPSEC should always be kept in mind
when posting.

• Be respectful. It's ok to disagree, but being outright rude or inflammatory will
not be tolerated. You will receive one warning. Any further incidents will result in a ban.

• Do not delete posts or comments unless it's for editing purposes (and you must make
a note that this is why you deleted something). You will receive one warning before you
are banned.

• Screencapping or reposting text for the purpose of snarking or embarrassing other
members will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

• Contact one of the mods if there are any concerns or problems. Mods reserve the
right to freeze threads and screen comments if necessary.

• Please fill out your new member survey as soon as you can after joining so members
can get to know you better.

This community was created for friendship and for military parents to support one another.
Please remember that there are many different ways to raise children. Another person
birthing, feeding, diapering, clothing, or disciplining their child differently than you would
your own does NOT make their way wrong or make them a bad parent. Please be mindful
of this while posting and commenting. It's hard being a parent and judgmental comments can
really be hurtful. We want this to be a safe space where everyone feels comfortable posting.
You know the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say....."

New Member Survey

Even though we are all acquainted, this will help us get to know each other in a different
aspect. So, please fill this out as soon as you can.

When you finish with your new member survey, please stop here and fill out whatever information applies to you. This info will be used to keep up with our members who are TTC, currently pregnant, as well as ours kids' birthdays.